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Opinion: Brexit is becoming a national disaster

Brexit is becoming overcooked and burnt out and I’m quite frankly done with it.

I believe Theresa May has been dumped with a near impossible task, trying to please everyone but still get the best possible deal for the UK.

It’s time to bite the bullet and either fight for a deal which is good enough for all the people of Britain, or leave with none at all. I think the latter is more achievable because if we carry on with these talks we are only going to achieve nothing.

MPs have been debating on Brexit for far too long now. Too much focus has been put on Brexit when there are other issues that need to be tackled as well.
Photo Credit: Marcin Nowak

The Government can keep pushing back the date we leave the EU but that is going to get us nowhere.

No one seems to know what they are doing; the Prime Minister is constantly looking confused whenever she is quizzed over Brexit, the other MPs are the first to dig a knife into the PMs back but aren’t offering up a better solution, and the people over the pond in Brussels are just playing hard ball.

One place which is set to suffer in particular is not the capital but the county of Kent, especially in Dover. There have been multiple concerns on how well the Port of Dover (the UK’s busiest port) is going to cope after Brexit, with many saying there will be travel disruptions if a no deal Brexit occurs.

Canterbury and Labour MP Rosie Duffield has recently become heavily in favour of the peoples vote.

It is clear to see that many people are not happy with the possibility of having a second referendum. However, I see it as a certain sign of how the people of Britain feel towards our status in the European Union. Because, before the first referendum nobody was very sure on how the EU worked and the leave campaign can be seen as built on a pile of lies.

I would also lower the voting age to 16. This is because it is their future we are voting for. In the 2014 Scottish Independence referendum there was a 75% turnout of 16-17-year-olds. If a second referendum took place and the voting age was lowered I am confident to think there would be a higher turnout in 16-17-year-olds than the Scottish referendum.

Ever since Brexit talks begun Kent has been labelled as a county that is going to suffer the most, whether that be by students not being able to get to school on time or the fall in trade.

If we are going to do right by the people and ‘leave’ the European Union surely we need a clean break for the EU meaning, we don’t stay in any part of it including the Single Market and the Customs Union. Because, after all that is what the people voted for.

Many people are saying that a no deal Brexit would be a very bad thing for the UK however, a no deal might be the best solution to our current situation, because, if we get a weak deal from the EU we are still going to be bound in some of their rules and regulations, but, a no deal would mean we are completely freer to set our own rules and regulations and set up trade unions with other countries.

The referendum may have split the nation but what is certainly uniting the country is that we are all ready to see the back of this national catastrophe.