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Pregnant mothers put at ease about giving birth during pandemic

With the Covid-19 pandemic causing chaos throughout hospitals, there are various other reasons for people to be visiting hospitals and adding to the stress.

With many avoiding hospitals at all costs due to fear, this is something unavoidable for pregnant women. The birth of a baby can be a daunting experience for many women, with this being heightened due to the pandemic. It is expected there will be extra fear from future mums surrounding contracting the virus when going into hospital.

The maternity support and advice was updated by the Dartford and Gravesham NHS trust, saying that due to social distancing women going into labour are limited to one birthing partner. This person cannot swap with anybody during the labour and must not have been recently exposed to Covid-19.

Despite limitations which for everybody’s safety have had to be introduced, there are clear guidelines filling women and their birthing partners with the hope of a good birthing experience.

Jade Dearing, from Gravesend, gave birth to her baby boy thirteen days ago. Jade shared her experience in the hope of putting other women at ease: ” I had him at Medway hospital but I’m pretty sure it’s the same principles everywhere at present. Honestly it is nowhere near as bad as you imagine it to be. The hospital is lovely and quiet, even travelling to the labour wards there is barely anyone around.

“No visitors means you’re able to bond with your baby without constant interruptions. The midwives are on hand at all times, even in early labour, if you need someone to rub your back they will, and after birth when you’re on the antenatal ward if you just want someone to watch over baby whilst you go to toilet or if you need to rest and baby won’t settle they will take baby to give you some time to get shut eye. They get partners in with you as soon as they are allowed and let them stay for as long as they can, and if you want to be discharged home asap and you are ready to be they will do all they can to ensure that happens.

“They are all in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) but I didn’t even notice that, everything still felt very personal for me even though I never got to see my midwives faces.”

Other concerns come from mothers who are at earlier stages in their pregnancies too. Melissa Kyte, from Gravesend, raised her concerns over visiting the hospital for her appointments and scans that are required throughout pregnancy.

She said: “I went to Darent Valley Hospital for an ultrasound. I was petrified to go, however when I got there I felt safe.

“They had cordoned off parts of the hospital so you had to stay in your colour. For pregnancy it’s purple and I didn’t come into contact with anyone that wasn’t pregnant. I actually felt fine and it made the experience a lot better.”

This Youtube video was posted last week to spread the love for pregnant women and to show them that they are not alone, despite the circumstances.