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Vintage kilo sale returns to Canterbury

Worth the Weight is set to bring back their iconic vintage kilo sale on Sunday, May 14.

The event takes place every few months at Westgate Hall, filling it with the unique colours and textures of vintage clothing.

The concept is simple; attendants will be handed a biodegradable bag at the door, which they can fill with as many items as they want.

This bag will be weighed later on at the till to determine the price, starting at £20 for a kilogram of clothing. 

Though heavy items, such as jackets, or anything weighing above one kilogram by itself, are capped at £20. The buyer only needs to point it out at the till so that they can get their discount. 

Westgate Hall will open its doors at 10am for those who purchased an early bird ticket (£3). Otherwise, there are general admission tickets available from 12pm until 4pm (£2).

As it’s been the case in previous events, the stock will consist of men’s and women’s handpicked, vintage items from the 60s all the way to the 90s, including branded names.  

The racks will be refilled during the day so that those who attend at later hours will still enjoy a full range of options. 

To get your tickets visit or check the events on the Worth the Weight website.


Feature imag: Perry Merrity II via Unsplash