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Lights or murals? How can the subways be improved?

By Sonny Snelling

A city councilor has backed calls to improve Canterbury’s subways

A previous article mentioned the anger of  Cllr Eden-Green who said the underpasses were in ‘the most diabolical state’.

Cllr Eden-Green who is passionate about changing the subways thinks specialised graffiti would be a good concept.

“I have long advocated at least one subway wall being used by really good graffiti artists to show that sometimes there is good graffiti.

“It’s the mindless and unnecessary tagging, little more than vandalism, that is so unnecessary and expensive to rectify.”

On the lights Cllr Eden – Green said:

“Certainly the lighting needs improving.

“I will think the idea, but any lighting has to be extremely tough and vandal proof because, sadly, anything that can be damaged in the subways will be.”

Members of the Canterbury Resident Group commented on the story suggesting alternate ways to improve them.

Johnny Davis, 29 from Chartham Village suggested two unique ways to improve the subways.

He said: “It might encourage people into using their graffiti skills more productively than just vandalism.

“It would look better and it might be something that creates some enjoyment in what is otherwise a dark vandalised underpass.”

Could lights like this be used effectively?

Johnny who owns a tour company has had a lot of experience in creativity.

He said: “I have loads of experience having painted libraries, football stadiums and schools in and around London, if it can go forward I can help it’s a world if known for over 15 years.”

Johnny also thinks there are other alternatives to specialised graffiti.

He said: “There are other forms of art that could be interesting in the underpass, it’s not solely graffiti.

“I think you can some great things with lights it breaks it up and makes it look better and makes it safe.

“They’ve done loads of tunnel art in south bank as well.”

Paul Johnson ,36 was another who was keen to make a difference

He said: “I’m going to submit ideas to the council.

“I would like to organise Canterbury and Kent themes to be painted onto the walls just like the subway near the Cinema and Fenwicks.”

Paul said how new murals could be as good as others in Canterbury.

“The mural in the subway I mentioned has been there for over 10 years and still looks decent despite the graffiti tags.”

Would a mural be what the subways need?

Jodie Doubleday,33 said: “The subways in Canterbury are an eyesore.

“I don’t mine graffiti art, but mindless graffiti ‘tags’ are a blight on the beautiful city we live in.

“Hopefully the council will approve the idea of crowd funding some street artists to make parts of our city more welcoming.”

These plans at the moment are just ideas and would need complete backing to get off the ground.