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Meet David Aula: Star of the Marlowe’s Vanishing Man

By Sean Mcpolin

David Aula and Simon Evans are taking their show – The Vanishing Man -around the UK and next on the list is the Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury.

The highly anticipated show has already sold out at the Canterbury venue, but tickets are still available for the show in Margate, tickets can be purchased here.

David is a performer in the Vanishg Man and co-created it with Simon Evans, he is also a freelance director and actor.

I asked David a few questions about the show and his inspiration to become involved in the industry.

Q:What’s the show about?

DA: The show is about the greatest magic trick ever performed. And the man who performed it. One, Hugo Cedar. A man who stood on a Bridge, in front of dozens of witnesses, and appeared to completely vanish. It’s a presentation of the various techniques and principles of magic that may explain how he did this remarkable thing.

Its an experiment – with the audience – in how he may have done what he did, and how such impossible acts inspire people to discard what they know to be true, in order to embrace what they’d like to believe.

Q: Why should people come and see it?

DA: People should come see it if they A) like watching cool magic tricks and bending their minds round concepts of possibility. B) if they are interested in how an audience affects the telling of a story. C) if they want to see something that they have never seen before.

Simon Evans and David Aula: Co-creators of the Vanishing man

Q: Have you ever been to the Marlowe? Are you excited?

DA: I confess I have never been to the Marlowe before and I am very excited. the space looks like a lot of fun to work in.

Q: Where have you taken the show and where else are you taking it?

DA: This is our second week of this tour, so last week we were in Great Yarmouth St George’s Theatre, Norwich Playhouse, and Lowestoft Seagull.  Then our tour takes us all over the SE. The show has existed in various guises at The Unicorn Theatre, The Aldeburgh Festival, The Vault `Festival and in the basement of an office building near Hyde Park amongst other places.

“Simon Evan’s excellent production knows that the piece is essentially a doomed, heart-rending love-story.” – ***** The Independent.

Q: What other projects are you working on?

DA: Straight after this tour finishes you can see me back on stage with Maisie Says She Loves Me. Maisie Says She Loves Me By Jimmy Osborne Performed and Directed by David Aula “I suffer from indigestion, but maybe it is not indigestion. Maybe it is love.” Does being a strong man, mean keeping it all in. 1-5 March, Vault Festival London.

Q: What is your favourite play you’ve watched?

DA: Favourite play would have to be something I saw when at Sixth Form, an adaptation of Haruki Murakami’s The Elephant Vanishes by Complicite. It blew my mind. Smart, emotional, visually mesmerising.

And the first time I had ever watched anything live with surtitles (the performers were speaking Japanese)! It was utterly engaging throughout and when i saw it I thought, “yes, i’d like to have a go at something like this one day”.