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When the hit TV show ‘Benidorm’ came to Canterbury

It’s the anniversary of when, “Benidorm Live”, graced the stage at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury, England, leaving fans with unforgettable memories of a night full of laughter and entertainment.

“Benidorm Live” is based on the popular ITV television series, “Benidorm”, which follows the lives of a group of holidaymakers at a Spanish all-inclusive.  Four years ago the live stage production was a spin-off from the show, offering fans a chance to see their favorite characters come to life in a new and exciting way.

The show was a huge success when it debuted at the Marlowe Theatre in 2017, with fans traveling from far and wide to see it. The production boasted an impressive cast of actors, including Jake Canuso, Sherrie Hewson, and Tony Maudsley, who reprised their roles from the television series.

What the cast said

One of the cast Asa Elliott, who played himself, as the resident singer of the Solan resort celebrated the occasion by posting on his social media by saying “4 years ago today, we closed Benidorm Live! At the The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury”.

He added “What an AMAZING experience the whole tour was!”.

The production at the popular Canterbury theatre venue was a visual spectacle, featuring stunning sets, dazzling costumes, and a range of musical numbers that had audiences tapping their feet and singing along.

But “Benidorm Live” was much more than just a musical for some fans. It was a celebration of the much-loved television series and the colorful characters that had captured the hearts of viewers across the UK. The production was a testament to the enduring appeal of “Benidorm” and a testament to the talent of the actors who brought it to life.

For those lucky enough to have seen “Benidorm Live” at the Marlowe Theatre, it remains a cherished memory, a night of laughter, music, and pure entertainment. And for those who missed it, the show’s legacy lives on, a reminder of the enduring power of great theatre and the magic of live performance.