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Covid cases hitting the millions in England

Up to March, 2023, there were around 1,493,000 people who tested positive for Covid-19 (between January and March), equating to 2.6% of the English population.

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Around 1 in 40 people had covid during this timeframe, despite this, Covid-19 is no longer spoken of as a substantial threat compared to as it once was

In Kent, it was estimated by the Kent Public Health Observatory, that around 50 per 100,000 7-day cases of Covid-19 were being reported daily up to the 15th of April, an important note is these are reported cases and do not exclude possible false reports or include unreported cases.

Graph sourced from: Kent Public Health Observatory.

These cases spike at unpredictable rates, with periods where 200 per 100,000 people had reported they had Covid-19, such as around the middle of March, and at the beginning of January.

With cases randomly surging, we also have the introduction of a new variant within the UK, Arcturus, which brings a new symptom of “red itchy eyes” similar to conjunctivitis.

It is reported by Japanese researchers to spread 1.17 times quicker than most covid variants.

With this new variant being discovered and infection spikes happening at random intervals, it is possible another vaccine dosage may be needed, with hundreds of thousands receiving their Spring Covid-19 jabs this week.

With many reported outbreaks and increases happening at different intervals, it is advised that we stay vigilant and wear a mask if immunocompromised.

And currently, if you are living in Canterbury, you can get your Spring booster.


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