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Why has speeding become such an issue in Kent?

With two drivers being caught speeding at over 100mph in Kent last week  and undercover police cars now roaming Kent in order to police this issue, why has speeding all of a sudden become such a huge issue?

Temporary Detective Chief Inspector Andy Bidmead, from Kent Police’s central process unit, said: “Kent Police and its partners are committed to keeping our roads safe.

“Alongside enforcement measures, we also carry out regular engagement, education and awareness campaigns to drive the safety message home.

“In addition, there are a number of local, national and European road safety operations that Kent Police officers carry out every year alongside regular patrols.

“All of our camera locations may be operational at any time and it is the responsibility of all drivers to ensure they always adhere to speed limits.

“Any motorist who exceeds any variable or fixed speed limit is potentially liable to a penalty.

“It is disappointing that some people still make the decision to speed on our roads and it is vital that motorists take responsibility to drive not only within the law but also to the conditions of the road to ensure they play their part in making our roads safe.

“Kent Police adheres to national guidance on the prosecution of speeding offences, as issued by the National Police Chiefs Council.”