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Something for everyone at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland has opened its doors again just in time to get everybody feeling Christmassy whether its for a family day out or a boozy day with friends theres things for everybody to do to get you in that festive spirit. Winter wonderland is located in Hyde park in London and its best to book your tickets online as they sell out very quickly, a couple got turned away at the doors as they didn’t have tickets so don’t let that be you.


Image taken by Felicity Burrington

As you walk in theres stalls of food of all sorts churros, crepes, mac and cheese, hot dogs, burgers, literally all sorts I personally didn’t eat there but it all looked good, the prices are far too high baring in mind the portions are all small.

You can head straight to the Barvian village if your there for a laugh with friends which is good fun, live music and bars with beers, spirits, mulled wine and warm festive drinks again the prices for these drinks were very high but if your looking to have some fun with mates i say this is the pace to go.

It also was extremely busy, to queue for a drink it took at the least 30 minutes sometimes longer there is a system where you queue for the drink to order it and then queue up to collect your drink it made the queues even more of a nightmare and even caused a lot of arguments with people which could cause a downer.

Overall I would would say the bargain village is perfect for those drinking with friends and there for a bit of a laugh.

Winter Wonderland also has a number of fun rides, these rides are all £10 each some are higher which is a little over priced but, theres a variety for all, with the Munich Looping, a famous ride from the popular Oktoberfest, is the world’s largest transportable roller coaster. Winter Wonderland’s longest-standing rides, the Euro Coaster is the perfect start to any thrill seekers.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a go on this festive family ride located in the heart of Santaland. Santaland is perfect for families with children who aren’t looking too be stuck inn the crowds of drunk people.

Furthermore, expect to come across a lot of tipsy people especially in the evenings.

For lovers of shows there also many shows available along with Ice Skating and the ice Kingdom. The Ice Kingdom experience has over 500 tones of glorious sculptured ice in a minus 10 degree temperature, the only thing is with the ice kingdom its very short and sweet for what you pay for don’t expect to be in the experience for longer than 10 minutes.

Winter wonderland is on from Friday 18th November to Monday 2nd January. Anybody interested then click here for tickets available with also prices of the attractions.