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£679k towards road improvements in Canterbury

Canterbury City Council has gone ahead with plans to improve streets surrounding the Marlowe Theatre, costing £679k.

On Thursday 30th November, the proposed plans were approved with work starting early 2018.

Improvements will be made to Orange St, Best Lane and The Friars.



Footways will be re-paved using ‘sawn yorkstone paving’ and the road surface will be similar to that of Palace street.

The regeneration will also include better street lighting.


In the council’s public realm document “Streets as Destinations”, it describes the area as;

This narrow, crescent-shaped intimate lane connecting St Peter’s Street with the King’s Mile at Palace Street represents an important link route in the city.”


The streets connect two major shopping areas, as well as linking the Marlowe Theatre.

The plan is hoped to “increase footfall and satisfaction levels” into the named streets “creating investment opportunities for new and established businesses.”


Chairman of the council’s Regeneration and Property Committee Ben Fitter-Harding spoke to us: