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Movie Advent: 8 films to watch in the countdown to Christmas

Its only 8 days to Christmas! The Christmas decorations are going up (if they’re not up already), the Christmas songs are playing.. now its time for the Christmas movies.

Here are 8 Christmas movies, watch 1 per day until you reach the big day to keep maximum Christmas spirit levels! (including today!)


We kick start your 8 day countdown to Christmas with this 2003 classic, staring Will Ferrell.

Elf is an all time favourite of many, but will it be yours? find out by watching it, available on Netflix now!

Arthur Christmas

7 Days left & Your 2nd movie for this countdown is the 2011 movie, Arthur Christmas.

This movie will have you in stitches of laughter. It is suitable for all ages and can be found on

The Polar Express

6 Days left & your 3rd movie is the Christmas classic, The Polar Express!

Yes, Creepy version of Tom Hanks is here but what is Christmas without him?! Sit back, relax & make your own special Polar Express hot chocolate!

This year, The Polar express can be found on Amazon prime video.

Last Christmas

5 Days to go & Next its Last Christmas!

This movie will bring laughter & tears with the unimaginable plot twist!

This 2019 movie is one of my favourites and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Last Christmas, can be found on Netflix this year.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

4 more days & next its Jingle Jangle!

Jingle Jangle is a new movie, just released last Christmas. The movie is a musical & what is Christmas without a musical?

This movie can be found on Netflix.


3 days left! Nativity is next!

This family, British humour filled movie will have the whole family in stitches & really feeling the Christmas spirit.

Nativity is one of my all time favourite Christmas movies & this year it can be found on Netflix

A Christmas Carol

Its almost the big day and its time for A Christmas Carol.. Is it even Christmas if you don’t watch  ‘A Christmas Carol’?

This year, Jim Carrey’s version of the movie can be found on Amazon prime video.

The Snowman & The Snowdog

Its Christmas Eve!

Every year on Christmas Eve, I watch The Snowman & The Snowdog, Its a tradition.

This year, I invite you to join my tradition & watch The Snowman & the Snowdog on Christmas Eve!

You can find this movie on Amazon Prime video.

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Feature photo credit: Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash