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Degrassi: The Next Generation

For those of you who have overlooked Degrassi: The Next Generation on Teen Nick/MTV created by Yan Moore and Linda Schuyler you’re missing out, here’s why.

Degrassi: The Next Generation takes place 14 years after the hit show “Degrassi Junior High” as students continue to deal with the obstacles of being teenager.

From issues like relationship problems, homosexuality and bullying to more darker issues like rape, school shooting and death.

From watching all 14 seasons of the Degrassi I then realised it’s the blueprint for all teens drama.

I have yet to watch a teen drama that is on the same level when it comes to the ability to handle subject matter that was often dark and unsettling.

Another a strong point about the show that all the characters where played by actual teenagers unlike other shows who normally have adults playing teens.

This is effective because it helps you get invested in the characters more, because not only are we seeing character growth we are seeing them actually grow before our eyes as the season go on.




Degrassi: the next generation start off by introducing main characters of season 1-7 Emma Nelson and Manny Santos who best friends who have had highs and lows in there friendships.  Emma is smart, determined and idealistic. She contracts gonorrhoea after performing oral sex on Jay which very sad to watched but was needed , it showed the realistic risk of unprotected sex. She develops an obsession with dieting and exercise and is diagnosed with anorexia and bulimia. Manny Santos she is a Filipino girl who struggles to define herself throughout the series, and is often criticized by students and her abusive father for her promiscuity

As the seasons go on, the show has been able to introduce new year groups and let others graduate, but still able to keep strong and fresh storylines. I believe the show has a character for  everyone to relate to, I related to Marco del Rossi who was insecure about his sexuality, I really enjoyed watching the storyline on how he dealt with his conservative family and his school life. She gets pregnant and is abandon by her family but she sadly has an abortion as she isn’t ready to be mother.

I related to this because it was a realistic take on “coming out” not everyone is going to accept you, Marco realised the only accepting that  he need was him accepting himself.

Degrassi is still talked about till this day and discuss on social platforms, this twitter user tweeted a pic of the cast of season one with caption “You just had to be there” which got 24.5k retweets and 95.5k likes which started a thread of people about the emotion spiral the show put them through and how invested they got. New York Times named Degrassi: TNG as “the best teen drama in the world”.

Overall it is an amazing show that even started the careers of stars like the rapper “Drake” and  actress “Nina Dobrev”. I would definitely recommend the show to others like I have done before, which I have only received good responses. they too have even fold characters they related to on a deeper level.

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