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A Madea Homecoming review

Prepare to see Mrs Brown like you’ve never seen her before as she and her daughter Cathy head across the pond to see her nephew and meet one of America’s funniest people.

A Madea Homecoming is a very funny comedy which stars writer and the creator of Madea Tyler Perry who also wrote the screenplay for this movie and Mrs Brown played by Brendan O Carol .

Let’s set the scene

The film starts at Madea’s house as Mr Brown is preparing to host a barbecue for Madea’s nephew and it looks quite normal until he puts too much gasoline into the barbecue and hilariously sets himself on fire.

Making their way down to the house were the nephews of Mrs Brown and Madea Davi and  who are in the same college class.

One of the funniest scenes of the films took place at Red Lobster when Madea said “Red Lobster full of h**s” and proved it to the family when she said “Broke boys don’t deserve no c (expletive) and the people in the restaurant responded with “I know that’s right”

Another hilarious scene in the film is when Madea fired a gun whilst everybody was in the house when

Towards the end of the movie both men graduated from their university and there was an inspirational speech at the end of the movie as Madea’s nephew who was the valedictorian to which he apologised about the way he acted when he found out about a secret between Davi and his mum.

This film is hilarous and will make you laugh throughout.