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Social media users throw support behind former P&O chef

The hiring of Ian Burford, an ex-P&O chef for almost 20 years, at The Goose on the Green cafe in Walmer has pulled heartstrings across Kent, with many residents coming out to support the cafe and Ian.

Last week, after being sacked from P&O via video link, Ian Burford was offered a position at The Goose on the Green cafe.

The cafe welcomed Ian to the team on a post online.

Fan’s of the Goose on social media came out to share their overwhelming support for both the Goose and for Ian on thee cafe’s facebook page.

Many people were friends of Ian and might become new customers at the cafe to enjoy one of his special breakfast’s soon. 

The biggest vote of support however, came from Ian’s wife, Sabrina

Best of luck to Ian in his new role at the Goose on the green.

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