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Anonymous artist has been lifting people’s spirts on the Isle of Sheppey

Local artist Moo Mop referred to as ‘Mopsy’ by fans on social media. Sparked pedestrians curiosity with his creative work which started as a personal gift for his partner,  but social media has shown so much interest and love that he has continued to create more.

Mopsy’s partner works for the NHS as a nurse- “ it  has been extremely busy during the pandemic, your put through every emotion, she would come home exhausted not even having time to stop for a lunch  break”

The artist’s original plan was to give his wife clues to 3 locations where he knew she could stop to take a break and enjoy the artwork and put a smile on her face. But before he had the chance for his plans to commence- the public started to spot the artwork and sharing it on social media. Moo Mop had to break the news after she found random posts online.

With the amount of praise and love, Moo Mop got he decided to create more pieces “to spread joy but also to help in a therapist type of way” for himself.

The name Moo Mop originated from a nickname of the couple’s youngest daughter, as when she was only young, they would call her “Our little Moo Mop” the mouse was added as she was the couple’s smallest child.


When walking through the Isle of Sheppy you will spot his artwork with the iconic mouse and sign saying, “Moo Mop”

The couple always planned to create something dedicated to their daughter’s nickname but never got round to it until now, when the artist got to ball rolling with his personal gift to his wife.

Moo Mop hopes to remain anonymous and has future plans and positions for artwork.

Moo Mop hadn’t painted in 20 years until the first national lockdown in March. You can now you can get prints, Christmas card and so much more via the Moo Mop facebook page or through messenger or email on  with the iconic mouse symbol by messaging the facebook page ‘Moo Mop’.