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Blades thrown at teens from car window in Ashford

A mother is speaking out after her teenage daughter and her friend had blades thrown at them from a car window in Singleton, Ashford.

The incident occurred last Monday along Knoll Lane when the two 17-year-old teenagers were walking around the area. It is thought the weapons were thrown from a white Astra with blacked out windows at around 9pm.

Becky Saward, mother of one of the teenagers said: “It’s very tricky as a parent, there isn’t a tremendous amount for young adults to do in the local area. You have to allow your teens freedom whilst being mindful that not everyone has the same level of integrity or decency. Some people may not consider that their actions endanger others. To them, I’m sure, it was just ‘horse play’ or ‘a bit of fun’.”


Speaking on behalf of her daughter who wishes to remain anonymous, Becky said: “She feels that people need to be more thoughtful of others, what might seem like a harmless joke to others, could have devastating consequences.”

The teenagers were unable to get a registration plate and the incident has not been reported to the police due to the lack of description. Fortunately, neither of the teenagers were hurt in the incident.

Ian McClintock, chair of the Great Chart with Singleton Parish Council, said: “The main thing I must emphasise is to report any instance of Anti-Social behaviour, no matter what the scale. We have excellent PCSO’s who will visit anyone and take action when things are reported and we have extra police patrols in areas that need it, so report, report, report must be the watchword in order to stamp out this sort of behaviour.”

With knife crime figures on the rise, linked to cuts in council funding, Ian added: “Knife crime is foremost in the minds of the Parish Council.”