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£100 Christmas advert goes viral

Every year big contenders compete for the nations ‘best’ christmas advert with a record of nearly £7 billion spent every year on their festive adverts. However, one shop in Wales created an advert on a budget of £100. 

Hafod Hardware in Rhayader is a family-run shop and with only £100 managed to get their festive advert to go viral. The advert features the owners two-year-old son running the shop, helping out the customers and also putting up the Christmas decorations. The owner of the shop, Thomas Lewis Jones stated how he is “incredibly proud” of his son. 

Mr Jones “had no idea this story would travel the world over” and how it was only “meant as fun but it’s lovely to see that it’s so popular”. 

The two-year-old boy, Arthur is seen getting ready and heading out to work in the shop. He cleans up the hardware shop, stacking all the shelves and offered a happy thumbs-up to the customers. 

Arthur then goes to pick up the Christmas tree before transforming into his father with a caption “be a kid this Christmas”. 

The Youtube video has received over 1.2 million views currently and has been picked up by media organisations. 

Despite its low budget, many people have preferred it over the John Lewis Christmas Adverts that spend millions of pounds on their festive marketing. Simon Gabbitas commented on twitter how people would “be forgiven for thinking it was for one of the big retailers”.


Others have taken to twitter about the competition between big retailers compared to the smaller shops. Steve H commented “So, who wins this year’s Christmas advert battle: John Lews, Aldi – our Haford Hardware (total production cost: £100)?”


Someone else has commented on the Hafod Hardware Youtube video: “who needs John Lewis, or Sainsburys adverts when you see stuff like this”.