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Darent Valley Hospital staff thank community for ongoing support

Dartford residents have been going above and beyond to support Darent Valley Hospital and it’s patients and members of staff.

Members of the community have been knitting and crocheting hearts to help the families of those passing away from Covid-19 at the hospital.

A post was put out on the Facebook page to show off the amazing work. It said: “The idea is that one heart is sent to the family and an identical one stays inside the hand of the patient so that, despite the circumstances, they feel close to each other.

“Cintia, our Senior Communications Officer, has talked about this initiative with her sister Cinara (pictured in white) who is an ICU doctor in northeast Brazil.

“As families are also unable to visit their loved ones there, they felt immensely inspired to do something similar. The first knitted hearts started to arrive at the hospital in Fortaleza and they took this photo to show us the result of their first set.

“How incredible is this?”

Other members of the public are also doing their bit to support their local hospital. To see what others are doing click here.