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Swale Borough Council crowdfunding to support voluntary groups

Swale Borough Council has begun crowdfunding to ensure that their volunteer community support programme is able to get everything they need to keep those that are vulnerable safe.

They recently launched an appeal to give their support to the Swale Community Response group who are putting in a massive amount of effort to help the most vulnerable amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

With the lockdown in place, many high-risk residents have been told to reside in their homes for up to 12 weeks, due to those having underlying health conditions may result in them needing to be hospitalised if they catch the coronavirus.

With the current situation, it’s making it harder to be able to retrieve essentials they require with volunteer groups like the Swale Community Response it ensures that they will get what they need to them safely in the comfort of their homes, reducing the risk of them catching the virus.

Not all have that support network to deliver the essentials, which is why they’re stepping in to make a difference and help the community.

Swale Community Response has been working with local voluntary groups who are gathering the essentials such as food, prescriptions and essentials.

The group will be delivering the following: Food for the community, pick up prescriptions for residents and provide any other essential supplies.

Sittingbourne and Sheppey MP Gordon Henderson, writing on Facebook said: ”I support the efforts being made by the elected representatives and staff at Swale Borough Council, and all the groups and organisations with whom they are working, to ensure that the vulnerable members of our community are helped during the current coronavirus crisis. I hope my donation to the Swale Community Response will encourage other members of the public to do likewise.”

Voluntary organisations are under a huge amount of pressure, which is why they need all the support they can get.

Swale Council leader Roger Truelove, writing on Facebook, said: “Whilst the crisis has to be our main focus of concern, we are also planning ahead to deal with the long term effects and to sustain our plans for the borough.

We have taken nearly 1000 calls for help to our Community Support Hub and we are truly indebted to the voluntary groups and individuals who are making it possible to help so many people.”

The total amount that has been pledged is £11,024 and so far £1,480 has been raised since the fundraiser began on April 27.

£10,000 of the money raised will go directly to the voluntary groups that are helping them to keep the vulnerable safe.

County Councillor Mike Whiting, took to Facebook to say: ”Happy to support this effort by Swale Borough Council. There is an enormous amount of voluntary work going on in the area and I am sure all donations to the Swale Community Response will make a real difference to those in need.”

If you wish to donate to the Swale Community Response group you can do so here.

Feature image: Swale Borough Council