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8 Honest Thoughts on the #KnifeFree Campaign

The £1.35 million #KnifeFree campaign aimed at 10 to 21 year olds has been gaining traction recently with adverts appearing in English cities where knife crime is more common.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London has recently adopted the #KnifeFree campaign originally started by The Office of South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commission to react to an outbreak of reported knife violence happening not only in the capital but in most large cities in the UK.

Knives: An Ex-Gang Member’s Story


Home Secretary Amber Rudd said; “The emotional stories at the heart of the new Knife Free campaign bring home in powerful fashion just what a far-reaching impact it can have on a young person’s life if they make the misguided decision to carry a knife.

“I hope any young person who is seriously thinking about carrying a knife listens to what the implications can be and realises what options are available if they choose to live knife free.”

The adverts appearing across London on billboards, bus stops and train stations have also been seen online with adverts on Facebook, Twitter and Spotify but they seem to of gone down with some mixed reactions from people.

Minister for Crime, Safeguarding and Vulnerability Victoria Atkins said; “This powerful new campaign will highlight the tragic consequences of carrying a knife and challenge the idea that young people are safer if they carry one.”