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County council announces multi-million-pound roads revamp

Kent County Council has pledged £11 million to “extend the life” of roads around the county, working on roads such as Eastbridge Road in Romney Marsh, Pagehurst Road in Maidstone, Victoria Road in Tunbridge Wells and more. 

The work being done on the roads includes retreading, surface dressing and micro surfacing, and will cover over 125 miles of highway.  

Michael Payne, Kent County Council member for highways and transports stated in a press release that:

“The recent wet and wintry weather we have experienced in Kent has caused significant damage to our roads as water gets into the road surface and expands when it freezes causing cracks and subsequently potholes.

He continued: “With temperatures warming up, we are implementing a three-pronged attack on potholes. In addition to this £11 million programme to seal road surfaces and prevent potholes, we have also launched a £10 million innovative pothole blitz campaign which focusses on permanent and larger pothole repairs.”

A spokesperson for Kent County Council also stated that: “The road surface preservation programme starts on March 22 and will improve over 125 miles of highway equivalent to 1.1 million square metres.”

“It will extend the life of Kent’s roads and prevent potholes. These specialist treatments preserve roads for eight to 10 years and extends the time before more disruptive and expensive renewal works are required.”