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Kent FA introduce Canterbury LGBT+ football league

Kent FA have introduced a new five a side LGBT+ league in Canterbury to tackle discrimination.


The four LGBT+ teams named ‘Pride Fives’ began their season yesterday – including five weeks of games against four different teams.

Despite the league being LGBT+ friendly, it is open to anybody and will have a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination.


Six-week schedule for Pride Fives

Pride Fives is a football league that offers people in the LGBT+ community a place to feel comfortable and accepted.

Kent FA have made simple steps to ensure equality, diversity and inclusion is embedded across the league-whilst ensuring that the members of the LGBT+ community have an opportunity to enjoy football.

They offer optional pronoun stickers throughout the weeks to make sure that trans and non-binary players feel more settled and to avoid mis-gendering.

The league is open to any ability, including beginners, therefore it will be run in a small five a side format.


Jess Jones, Pride Fives founder, said: “Pride Fives is the first league of its kind…

“The league is so important as it is often hard for members of the LGBT+ community to get involved in adult football, whether due to discrimination or simply the rules do not allow for their participation…

“Kent FA have highlighted the importance of changing the way we deliver football to better cater for the LGBT+ community and have created a league with inclusivity at its heart”

Each game that you sign up to will cost £20 per match.

To find out how to sign up, click here