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Kent residents sign petition to bring Eurostar back to local stations

Thousands of Kent residents are signing a petition to bring back the Eurostar train to Ashford and Ebbsfleet International, after the company ”snatched it away” from them during lockdown a few years ago. Locals have agreed that it’s ”insane, frustrating, upsetting and costly to individuals and the environment”.

Trains to European Mainland have not stopped at Ashford or Ebbsfleet since the beginning of Covid restrictions. Rail travellers have branded Eurostar’s suspension of Kent services as ”pointless” after continental trains ceased stopping in the county over three years ago. Those now travelling to the continent from Kent must travel to London St Pancras before boarding the Eurostar.

Fliss Burrington from Ashford said:”I’m absolutely sick and tired of having to go all the way to St Pancras first before getting to my destination, as someone who travels to Paris frequently, i am in complete agreeance of it making a return”. She also stated it was a ”fabulous service not only for Ashford but also other surrounding areas. As these two stations are clearly named international stations for a reason, they do not serve it’s purpose”.

Over 13,000 have signed an online form first started by Mr Hiller-Palmer, who said that travellers had been ”condemned” by the company’s withdrawal from Kent. There are many comments on the site about different reasons as to why the service should make a return.

Hopes have been renewed following a summit between Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and French president and it is rumoured that there may be a return in 2025.

To view or sign the petition, click here.

Image by Erich Westendarp