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Kent Police to reroute back to original HQ

Kent Police are set to return to their original Maidstone headquarters following a major increase in officer numbers.

The headquarters, located on Sutton Road, has not been in use since 2020 following the decision to depart after 80 years.

Since then, there has been a huge increase in officers with numbers becoming the highest in the force’s history.

In a joint a statement, Chief Constable Tim Smith and Police Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott said:

“Due to the Home Office’s Police Uplift Program and continued investment from increases in the local policing precept, Kent Police has seen significant growth in police officer numbers.”

“This month the force has more police officers than at any time in history and will grow further, having overachieved recruitment targets.”

“This has allowed us to look again at how the force is using our buildings, and we are pleased to say it has created an opportunity for the chief officer team and a slimmed down Headquarters function to return to the historic sutton road site.”

The office of the police and crime commissioner is also located on Sutton Road alongside the historic headquarters.

With the return to Maidstone HQ, the force aims to move their officers closer to the communities they serve.

“New powers may be available for PCC’S in the future that could present opportunities for revenue to be created.”

Photo Credit: The Media Library