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Review: The ongoing mystery of Flight MH370 hits Netflix

Netflix have released a documentary titled ‘MH370: The Plane That Disappeared’ which looks into the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines Plane 9 years on.

In 2014, a Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 had a destination of Bejing Airport in which it took to the skies and simply vanished out of thin air.

The documentary is split up into 3 parts, with each episode designated to the proposed theories.

The titles of the episodes are “The Pilot”, “The Hijacking” and “The Intercept”.

Within the documentary we hear from a variety of different people that are credible in relation to the theories they put forward.

Throughout, we are shown archival videos and CGI recreational sequences which act as supporting evidence to the theories.

Furthermore, we hear from family members who display their feelings despite having no closure 9 years on

With the suspense in each episode, it is heavily reflected through the fact we can only assume these are suppositions whilst the truth remains hidden.

Rotten Tomatoes, a critic based review site, gave the show 86% on it’s Tomatometer

Critic Joly Herman expressed her thoughts on the show:

“The investigative journalism proves fascinating, and the series captures the relentless hunger the public has for answers when a disaster occurs.”

It came without a doubt that viewers took to twitter to voice their opinion on the show.

If you would like to delve deep into the disappearance of flight MH370, this show is just for you

Photo Credit: Alev Takil