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All You Need To Know About Kent’s British Swimming Champion

Annabel Guye-Johnson from Hawkhurst, Kent is an 18 year old student with a talent for swimming. Having trained in the sport from an early age, Annabel is committed to achieving the best she can in the swimming world and at such a young age, she is already making a name for herself. Becoming the British Champion at the age of 17 is one of her greatest successes yet, she is also studying hard to get the best in her A-levels. Her intense, busy schedule would be intimidating for many but not her. She’s got her goals and will work hard to achieve them. We found out more about her life:

Kent World Junior Hoping For Glory 

Annabel Guye-Johnson.

What made you start swimming?
I started because my parents wanted me to just be safe around water and my mum didn’t want me to be afraid of the water like she is.

What age did you start?
I started swimming aged six months and started competitive swimming at a club when I was seven.

What do you study at school?
I study biology, psychology, and PE.

How do you juggle swimming and your studies?
I juggle swimming and studies by time management! I often stay late and go straight to swimming so I can get more work done and I use every opportunity possible. Not much time for TV!

What club are you in?
I swim for R.T.W Monson.

What stroke do you compete in and what are your best times?
I compete mainly in breaststroke events. My best times are:
50m= 31.42
100m= 1.08.49
200m= 2.27.42

World Junior Championships 2017.

Where and how often do you train?
I train at Tonbridge boy school sport centre for the majority and I do 15.5 hours a week in the pool and 3 hours land training.

What are your biggest achievements?
My biggest achievement was winning a bronze medal at the world junior championships and becoming British champion in the 100m breaststroke.

What do you hope to achieve?
My dream is to compete at an Olympic Games.