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15 Of South England’s Most Popular Social Media Pooches

Have you ever wondered if there was a local ‘Doug the Pug’ or ‘Jiffpom’? Well, wonder no more and explore what dogs are more popular than you on Instagram and where they are from in the South East!

1. Marcel the Corgi

@lecorgi | 73.4k followers | 463 posts

This well-cultured pooch has the highest amount of followers on this list. Marcel travels the world, loves the finer things in life and resides in London when he isn’t flying around the globe.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 16.49.22.png


2. Rocky the Bull Terrier

@rockythetraveller | 29.8k followers | 1,068 posts

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a fashion icon in our presence. Rocky the Bull Terrier is no stranger to the jet-set and photoshoot lifestyle with his owner, Danny, who has helped Rocky to get a massive 29.8k followers. Rocky’s home town is Brighton, where he struts the streets like the hot dog he really is, easily receiving thousands of likes for every photo posted.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 16.29.40.png


3. Matilda the Dachshund

@matilda_thedachshund | 9,843 followers | 127 posts

Despite only having an account for five months, Matilda the miniature Dachshund has accumulated near to 10 thousand followers and almost four thousand likes on just one of her photos! She may only be 24 weeks old but this little London pup is demonstrating perfectly, how it is done.



4. Elsa the Golden Retriever, Dolly the Cocker Spaniel and Jeanie the Collie X Poodle | 5,342 followers | 269 posts

This trio have a very talented owner, who takes amazing photos of all three of them, easily deserving the 5k followers. In the sun, snow, fields and cityscape – these siblings can be photographed anywhere and still look like celebrities. This account is fantastic and is definitely worth the follow, as you can expect professional daily photographic updates of the trio.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 17.08.01.png


5. Nelson the Cocker Spaniel

@mr_nelson_cockerspaniel | 4,958 followers | 347 posts

This black-and-white beauty has almost 5k followers on Instagram and his account continues update the public on his favourite places to walk and play, including Canterbury’s Westgate Gardens, Blean Woods Nature Reserve and Margate beach!

Nelson Cockerspaniel


6. Lola the Golden Cocker Spaniel

@loladogthespaniel | 4,270 followers | 1,996 posts

What a stunning dog, she is golden, droopy-eared and loves ‘snoozes, cuddles, squirrel chasing & muddy puddles’. Among the things Lola hates are the ‘pesky cats that come in my garden, baths and mops’. Lola can be found sleeping and just being generally photogenic.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 16.55.18.png


7. Sandy the Terrier mix and Barney the Border terrier

@scruffylittleterrier | 4,226 followers | 2,935 posts

Brother and sister, Barney and Sandy are social media stars in their own right. They dress up, they go for wanders around the countryside and sleep. This duo are obsessed over my their owners and 4.2k followers, who would give anything for a cuddle with the scruffy pups.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 16.40.49


8. Albie and Maisie the Chihuahuas

@albie_maisie_x | 3,722 followers | 52 posts

Since the first Beverly Hills Chihuahua film in 2008, the breed has become more popular than ever with celebrities and everyday folk. Abbie and Maisie have certainly used this popularity to their advantage, by snuggling up and not even lifting a paw to get lots of love from the users of Instagram. They’ve only had their account up and running for six months and they’ve already gained 3.7k followers!

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 17.22.34

9. Reggie the Pug

@reggies.puglife | 1,445 followers | 195 posts

This Kentish pug has the face of someone that has just looked at their bank account after a night out. Reggie’s grumpy face makes any normal daily task or even pleasurable activity, such as a walk or eating chicken, look like absolute hell, he may be happy but he will not show it!



10. Nero the Whippet

@nero_my_hero | 1,289 followers | 224 posts

Man’s-best-friend may not always be small and fluffy, as Nero proves. He is a Whippet residing in London, who is the self-proclaimed ‘handsomest of hounds’! Nero’s lanky legs and cheeky face show he’s got lots of character, which his followers absolutely adore.



11. Hughie the Sharpei

@sharpeihughie | 1,179 followers | 411 posts

This list has so far had a very severe lack of facial rolls. Not to worry however, as Hughie the five year old Sharpei is a pure picture of comfort. He lives in Margate and often visits the sea-side to socialise with other dogs and have a spot of ice cream with his mum and dad. It is unsurprising that this luxury hound has a big following 1.1k.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 17.13.51.png


12. Willy the Italian Greyhound

@willytheiggy | 873 followers | 78 posts

Another pup on this list, Willy the Italian Greyhound is only 5 months old and has already taken social media by storm. Willy is so small that in February he wasn’t big enough to jump on the family sofa, however his size doesn’t hold him back as Willy can also be seen befriending a bigger and more pushy black Labrador mate, named Billy.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 17.02.42.png


13. Lucky the British Bulldog

@bulldogluckythelegend | 609 followers | 305 posts

This squashy-faced boy is the first Bulldog in existence to be registered with the British Flyball Association. Flyball is a series of jumps in a straight line that the dog must quickly jump, collect a ball then return over the jumps again before switching with another dog who repeats the process. This is highly unexpected of a Bulldog due to their composition and intolerance of exercise, but Lucky proves everyone wrong and loves nothing more than being a member of the Brighton Flyball team, chilling out and collecting the followers.


14. Ernie the Pug X Shih Tzu

@ernie_pugtzu | 165 followers | 130 posts

This Pugtzu was rescued in 2016 and now trots around Tottenham parks with the biggest grin on his hairy face. Ernie is an absolute Romeo, he never stops smiling (well maybe in the picture, but only because it looks so cold) and is a big advocate for the #adoptdontshop movement of rescuing animals from shelters and pounds instead of spending thousands of pounds on a dog from a breeder.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 17.31.02.png


15. D’Artagnan and Woody the Dachshund X Jack Russells

@dartagnanandwoody | 88 followers | 84 posts

The last entries on this list are two little three-year-old Dachshund X Jack Rusells, named D’Artagnan (left) and Woody (right). They’ve only got 87 followers but if they continue as they have been, they will have hundreds of followers in the coming years! These two could fit in your handbag and be taken wherever and they’d be happy. D’Artagnan and Woody enjoy going on holidays but also love staying at home and jog around Worthing.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 17.39.05.png



Do you know of a pooch that you think should have been on this list? Comment below!