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Migrant workers say they “Feel safe” in Canterbury despite recent racist attacks

A pair of Migrant workers spoke to the Canterbury Hub today and revealed how they felt about living in Canterbury and the recent racial attacks impacting the city.

Alex 29 from France and Mattia 21 from Italy, who had both been living in the UK for only a couple of years, were asked how welcoming the city has been towards those who have migrated from outside of the UK.

Alex Said: “I came here for a better life, I did not know what I was expecting when I arrived, but I was and still am glad I came.”

This comes after a wave of recent accusations based in Canterbury regarding racist attacks in and around the city centre, most notably the racist graffiti that was found on the University of Kent Campus or the recent alleged attack of three unnamed youths in the town centre.

KKK and swastika graffiti appear on University of Kent building

Mattia told us “It does not change how I feel about this place or the country, I came here to work and to make a life and living for myself and nothing can change that”

Police are encouraging the public to report verbalised or physical racial abuse whenever it is present, this can be done by ringing 101 or going to the local police station.

For more information regarding reporting hate crimes please visit the Kent police website at: