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Mum told breastfeeding in public is ‘disgusting’

A group of young people shouted ‘disgusting’ at a mum while she breastfed her child in a café.

The mother made the revelation at Canterbury’s breastfeeding support group that a team of young people shouted “ugh that’s disgusting” while she breastfed her child in Asda café.


The mum, in her early twenties, said: “The first time I ever breastfed in public I had a group of young people stand up and say ‘ugh that’s disgusting, walk away and went and sat somewhere else.

Jade with daughter Millie

“It spurred me on to do it, rather than stop me. But I know for some women it can really have an affect on them and stop them from feeding.”

Another mum, Jade Cranston, 22, said: “I never breastfed in public due to nervousness as a lot of other mums have had problems when doing it in public.

“If I was out and needed to breastfeed I went into the toilets unfortunately.”

Breastfeeding support groups are set up in the UK to help mums throughout their breastfeeding journey. The groups provide advice, information and are there to support mothers through any difficulties.

But how do the public feel when they see a mum breastfeeding their child?

La Leche League is the biggest breastfeeding organisation in the world. When asked how they feel about the negative attention brought to mums who breastfeed in public Anna Burbidge a spokeswomen said:

“Over the years LLL found itself in the forefront of defending breastfeeding from various attacks, including controversy over contaminants in breastmilk, formula marketing, and legal battles.”

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