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New Year, New Canterbury: Here’s how the city will be cleaned up in 2022

Canterbury City Council are now carrying out the maintenance of parks, gardens and other open spaces in the district.

The council and Serco came together on December 1 and a lot of work has taken place since.

The public can expect to see changes in parks, gardens, cemeteries, sports pitches and with litter bin emptying.

Maintenance aims to make Canterbury more eco-friendly through an introduction of recycling, waste and street cleaning services which will start in February.

Canterbury has a lot of fields and green areas which tend to be unsightly for visiting tourists and locals.

Which is why the on-the-spot litter fine in Canterbury is £150, to prevent individuals from creating unnecessary mess.

Canterbury parks which will be included in the clean up are Westgate Gardens, Toddler’s cove playground, Kingsmead playing field and RSPB Blean Woods.

Canterbury City Council stated in a press release that: “This is now a fresh start for everyone and we are looking forward to working together and improving our services.”

Any environmental issues can be  reported to Canenco via the council’s website.