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Are you the giving kind? Here are 10 charities to support in Kent

Giving is a great thing to do as it make us and other feel happy but it may be difficult to know who to give to. Well, here are 10 charities in Kent that you can support.

  1. Kent Community Foundation (KCF)Kent Community Foundation are dedicated to improving the lives of those within the local community by funding and supporting some of the smallest voluntary organisations and have been for over the last 20 years. They want to empower small organisation and charities in our local communities of Kent.
  2. The Young Lives Foundation (YLF)The Young Lives Foundation is an award-winning children’s charity in the South East. They offer several support services and specialist advice for young adults up to the age of 25. Based in Maidstone, YLF’s main objective is to empower the voices of children and young people and encourage their rights.

  3. Dandelion TimeDandelion Time is a Maidstone based charity that focuses on helping and transforming the lives of vulnerable children. They believe that family relationship and bonds are vital in helping a child with their problems and are a key factor in their issues.

  4. TakeoffTakeoff works for better physical and mental health and believe that a major part of the healing process is the act of being listened to and heard. Takeoff is 100% user led meaning that those who have suffered from similar problems are best placed to help those who are currently suffering from those problems.
  5. SpeakUpSpeakUp offer opportunities to many individuals that have lived with the experience of mental ill health within Kent. SpeakUp aims to encourage users to speak out for themselves and seek to improve the quality of services available in the area. They also work to provide a culture of hope that express a belief in people’s own ability to manage and improve the quality of their lives.
  6. PorchlightPorchlight offers free support to people in Kent that needs help with mental health or their wellbeing. They’re looking to create a fairer society where vulnerable people find stability within their lives and where homelessness and poverty no longer exists. They’re working on providing housing, education and employability to the most vulnerable people within the community.
  7. East Kent Mind East Kent Mind is an independent charity that provide services to make a positive impact to the mental health of people in East Kent, which includes Thanet and the Canterbury District.
  8. Medway African and Caribbean Association (MACA)Medway African and Caribbean Association is a charity dedicated to promoting awareness of African and Caribbean Culture, through arts, education and social programmes. They help support members on issues to do with racial harassment, undertaking prison visits and other functions with the assistance of volunteers and fundraisers.
  9. People Dem CollectivePeople Dem Collective is a community organisation based in Margate, Kent. They work towards encouraging the works of the Black and Brown communities. Created on 29 December 2019, the relatively young group has had many successful protests and fundraising and have raised awareness across Thanet and Canterbury. Their most recent work is the ‘Margate to Minneapolis’ exhibition at the Turner Contemporary and they also were a part of the feature film, Wayfinder, which was also shown at the Turner Contemporary.To learn more about the People Dem Collective – Read here
  10. Repton Community TrustBased in Ashford, Repton Community Trust is a charity that works alongside the community running several different services. One of these services is the ‘People’s Pantry’ a project ran by the community members that allows those in need to easily access food and hygiene items.