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Nearly all Kent children offered first-choice primary school

Parents in Kent are eagerly awaiting news on their child’s placement for primary school.


Cllr Shellina Prendergast, KCC’s Cabinet member of Education and Skills, commented: “I am delighted to see that we have managed to offer first-preference place to 90 per cent of our children, which shows the broad selection of fantastic schools that Kent offers.

“The number of children who did not receive any of their preferences is under 2.5 per cent and, in many cases, this is because parents names fewer than three schools, which limited the options KCC could consider before assigning them an alternative.

“We appreciate this will be a disappointing and concerning time for those pupils and their families, but we would urge them not to be discouraged as this is only the first stage in the application process.”

Of the 17,175 Kent applicants, 16,787 (97.47%) will receive one of their three choices and 15,486 (90.07%) will be offered their first place choice.

Worried parents took to twitter to express their concerns.


Parents and carers will be able to find out the results after 4pm.

Those who applied online will receive their results via email, or on the online portal at 5pm and those who did not apply with an email will receive the notice via first class post.

Featured image credit: Andrew Ebrahim, Unsplash