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Twitter reacts to the premiere of Marvel Studios Doctor Strange

The highly anticipated superhero film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness premiered in the UK yesterday.

In Doctor Strange, the MCU pushes its boundaries more than ever with its first ever horror film.

Travel with Doctor Strange into the unknown as he crosses the mind bending and deadly other worlds of the Multiverse with the assistance of old and new mystical allies to battle a new opponent.

Critics and fans who are lucky enough to have seen the film have begun sharing their opinions on Twitter.

We gathered some spoiler-free tweets to give you a glimpse of how the audience are reacting.

Marvel Fans are traditionally known to be patriotic towards the empire, so it’s no surprise that the Marvel fans who might not rate this film highly are still getting involved in the conversation.

Despite the small amount of supporters not being the biggest fan of the film, the majority are absolutely loving it!

Fans have also noted the similarities and differences between Doctor Strange and Spider-Man: No way home.

The action-filled film is being premiered around all cinemas in the UK from today!

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Feature image credit: Tracy Le Blanc, Pexels