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Opinion: Is the pre-recorded results show ruining Strictly Come Dancing?

Since 2004, BBC One on Saturday nights have been marvelled by the crazy and magical performances of their dancing extravaganza known as Strictly Come Dancing, the show, celebrities attempt to become ballroom dancing superstars. The programme is broadcast every Saturday night from early September to late December with a Christmas special broadcast on the big day.

However, the more we are mesmerised by the performances the more the results show remains a constant criticism.

There are two shows broadcast every weekend  Saturday night’s  main show which is broadcast live and Sunday night’s result show which the voting lines close and the show is then pre-recorded. The results show has been spoiled over social media by who people call ‘The Strictly spoiler’ they reveal the result of the dance off 24 hours before the show airs.

So if the strictly come dancing team don’t want their programme to be spoiled there is one big solution they can make to their results show, for example doing the show live.

It doesn’t matter whether it would be the Saturday or Sunday show, as long as there is no way the programme can be spoiled if its broadcasted live. During an episode of Loose Women Anton Du Beke said to the strictly spoiler “just stop it” in response to this speculation, which was followed by crowd applause. When Strictly Come Dancing first aired they would do two shows on the same night the live show broadcast at 7:00pm GMT and the results shown around an hour or an hour and a half later.

Doing the show live either on the Saturday or the Sunday, will stop the ‘strictly spoilers’ and people will be able to enjoy the show without the show being ruined.

Strictly Come Dancing can be seen on Saturday and Sunday nights on BBC One and IPlayer.

IMAGE-Courtesy of BBC One