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Six ways to manage post-lockdown anxiety

As things are slowly going back to normal, it’s completely natural to be feeling a mixture of emotions. The end is finally near, which is exciting but also extremely daunting for many.

While I am sure there are many things that you are looking forward to, there may be others leaving you feeling anxious. Here are six ways to manage your post-lockdown anxiety.

Go at your own pace

It’s extremely important that you remember to take it slow and go at your own pace. Everyone is different and it’s completely normal for you to be at a different pace to someone else. Try not to feel pressured by others and just take it easy. This last year has become our new normal so it’s understandably going to be quite strange at first coming out of it.

If you’re worried in any way, you could ease your way into normal life slowly. You could try by going out for food at quieter times so that you’re not surrounded by so many people. When it comes to meeting up with friends and family, ease your way in by not seeing everyone at once and you will gradually get used to it again. Try not to stress, everyone is in the sae boat right now and has their own worries too!

Think about the positives

As scary as this might be for many of you, try and think about how exciting this actually is. We can all finally start doing the things that we love again after so long without it. Whether that’s going on holiday, playing outdoor sports, or even just going out for dinner, it’s thrilling to think that we can do these things again. It’s important to make the most of what we can as life is just too short.

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Talk to your workplace

If you’re worried about returning back to work, it’s important to speak to your colleagues rather than bottle it all up. You’ll be surprised at how understanding most people are. If you’d rather carry on working from home, speak to your manager and see what they say, you have nothing to lose. Everyone is going through the same thing right now so chances are they won’t be shocked at all and will just want to help.

Photo credit: Pexels

Speak to someone that you trust

It’s extremely necessary to talk about your feelings, especially during these strange times. The worst thing that you can do is hide your emotions as it’ll build up more and more. Contact someone that you trust and tell them how you’re feeling. It could be a family member, partner or close friend. Whoever it is, they will listen to your worries and give you a helping hand. They’re likely to be feeling the same as you anyway and it will calm your nerves to hear that you’re not the only one going through it.

Plan plan plan

A good thing to do that will calm your nerves is plan ahead. Think about which things are making you feel the most anxious and see if you can do something about that. So if you’re worried about getting public transport, is there another way that you can get there? If not, you could try and travel at quieter times. If you have a set plan in mind with what you’re doing then there’s less a reason to feel anxious and worried.

Keep yourself updated

It’s important to know exactly what the restrictions are for you and your area, especially if you’re feeling anxious. The latest guidance on the rules are constantly under review and are different all over the country. It’s completely normal to be unsure of exactly what you should and shouldn’t be doing. Knowledge is definitely power! The more you know, the less chance of messing up. Feeling confident on the rules will likely help ease your worries and concern. However, remember to not over do and get too engrossed into what is happening as that can be scary. Always use reliable sources such as the Government website and BBC news.

Are you feeling anxious about coming out of lockdown?