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10 signs that you’re probably an auditory learner

Typing, writing and highlighters really aren’t for everyone.


1. You learn song lyrics word for word pretty easy.

Why can’t I remember Iago’s soliloquy in Act 2 of Othello but I know all the words to Super Bass without a second thought?


2. You’d rather make voice memos of things you need to revise than write them all out.

What’s the point of writing out loads of words when I can just read them out and then listen to them back as many times as I want?


3. You find you learn more from hearing someone talk than reading the same information.

Can I record this lecture?


4. You’re fully aware that your phone has a feature where it can read any page of text back to you.

Why strain my eyes staring at all this text when my phone can just read it all to me?


5. You’ve tried the ‘highlighting key words’ approach, but you always just end up with a yellow page.

So I only have to highlight the important information…but it’s all important!


6. You enjoy tasks that require you to speak rather than write.

This would be so much better as a group discussion…


7. You prefer reading aloud than in your head.

Reading as a class is my time to shine.


8. You aren’t one to shy away from asking questions in class.

Miss! Sir!


9. Everyone around you is typing away or writing notes, but you are quite content with just listening to whoever’s speaking.

Is it not better to just give your full attention?


10. You have that special gift of appearing to not be paying attention, when in reality you still heard and absorbed all that was said.

The teacher thought she had me when she asked me to repeat what she just said, but then I did.


So are you an auditory learner?

To an extent
Not at all
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