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4 reasons to reduce your alcohol consumption.

Alcohol can = weight gain
Giving up alcohol can have drastically positive results on your waistline. As a macronutrient, alcohol contains 7 calories per gram. This means alcoholic beverages often contain a surprisingly high amount of calories. A single shot of vodka averages out at around 100 calories, a glass of wine at around 150 calories and a pint of beer around 200 calories- and that’s before you start mixing them with sugary, calorific mixers!

Lose weight now
Time to start that diet

The way that the body metabolises alcohol means that it cannot be stored as fat HOWEVER the calories from alcohol are burned off before calories from food. This means if you’re consuming 2000 calories from food plus around 500 calories in alcohol (easily done on a night out) the 500 calories from the drink must be burned off before your body can get to work on the 2000 from food.

This can easily leave you in a hefty calorific surplus and result in fat gain! weight gain


Say goodbye to hangovers!
The morning after the night before can often be hell. You’re dehydrated, nauseas, achy and often full of regrets. Sometimes this can be sorted with a greasy breakfast and several glasses of water, but other times it haunts you all day. This can often lead to an entire day of being bed bound and completely ruin your productivity.
Imagine waking up on Saturday morning feeling fresh and ready to take on the day. Your productivity will sky rocket, as will your general health and wellbeing!



Be good to your body…

It’s not a secret to anybody that alcohol is bad for your health. It can put strain on your liver, heart, brain and blood pressure as well as many other vital body parts. Statistics from Alcohol Concern UK say that there has been around 600 alcohol related deaths already in 2017 and that a loved one is lost to alcohol every hour. Reducing alcohol consumption is no doubt a great step to take towards better health and a long life!


and your bank balance!

Do you drink alcohol daily? If so then odds are its draining your bank balance. Drinking a bottle of £5 wine every night can equate to a dizzying spend of about £1,800 a year! Now imagine what you could do with that extra cash…