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5 Places you can get fried chicken in Canterbury

By Alcia Lloyd

After the infamous fried chicken thief has been taken off the streets of Canterbury, you may be wondering, ‘where can i get fried chicken in the city?’ Well you’re probably not but we’ve got you covered anyway.


  1. KFC – It’s the obvious one but is reliable, there’s more than one KFC in Canterbury, but the main ones are on the high-street and one in Maybrook retail park.

    Photo by The Local Data Company
  2. Chicken Cottage – This one’s a classic, its located on the high-street (at the bottom by West Gate towers.)

    Photo by BayB0y (Google Reviews)
  3. Nando’s – not always fried chicken but still chicken.. this ones at the bottom of the high-street to!

    Photo by Timo Kuerten (Google Reviews)
  4. Saint Smokeys –  This ones a popular restaurant, listed as a BBQ house there’s all kinds of fried and BBQ’d treats available. Its located by the cathedral.

    Photo by The Local Data Company
  5. The Penny Theatre – Wednesday is chicken day here, 25p a wing! if that doesn’t sell it to you I don’t know what will. Bargain.

    Photo by Daniel Banks (Google Reviews)

You’re welcome!