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5 Reasons why it’s good to have a culturally diverse city

Following the Christchurch attack and Canterbury Mosque opening their doors to the general public in order for them to watch their service and prayer.


It only goes to show how culturally diverse Canterbury really is.


Here are five reasons as to why it is important to have such a wide variety of cultures spread throughout the city and why we should be proud of it.




Diversity within a city is key and bringing people together to share their thoughts on religion and faith undoubtedly makes people more accepting of one another.


Being a city with three different universities means that a wide variety of people live and work in Canterbury, helping to bring a lot of outlooks on life.


Therefore, wherever you go, you will meet people who think or live differently from you.


Credit – Sharon McCutcheon

Here’s places you can go to come together:


  • Coffee shops: The best way to meet your neighbours is to head to your local coffee shop and there are tons in town to choose from. Our recommendations are Burgate Coffee House and Lilly’s Bistro.
  • Local Pub: If coffee isn’t your thing, and you fancy something a little stronger, pop down to the pub, you are bound to meet a few characters.
  • Join a local hobby: There is so much going on in Canterbury, from knitting groups or learning how to bake, you can guarantee you will be able to meet tons of culturally diverse people.




It doesn’t matter if you are a firm believer in a faith, agnostic or atheist, if you open your mind and look at what is going on around you, you will learn.

Credit – Majid Korang beheshti

The more you allow yourselves to listen to other people’s views on life whether or not you agree with it, you will most definitely be educated.




Being compassionate is needed in this day and age. With so much violence going on, compassion and tolerance is important in order to combat the hate that people from multicultural faiths and beliefs can experience.


So, if you do see something which isn’t okay, next time maybe speak up, support the person who is being targeted, because who knows what could happen.

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Equality is a word we are all hearing a lot more and work places, schools and universities are taking equality a lot more seriously.


Canterbury has the highest number of residents from a mixed/multiple ethnic background, with 1.7% of the total population being from that group.


Therefore, having a large population of people from different cultures and ethnicities does mean that these places of power are now forced to listen.




We are all someone’s daughter or son, we all hold those relationships or mean something to someone. So, are we really that different to each other?

Credit – Brittani Burns

When terrorist attacks like Christchurch happen, it should bring people together not pull us apart. It serves as a reminder that we are all the same so we should treat each other like it.

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