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9 Ways To Ace A Job Interview

  1. Be confident.


    Obvious yet simple, while you may be a nervous person, the best way is to ooze confidence. Make them think you know what you’re doing, even if you don’t!

    2. Do a little research on the place you’re applying to.

    3. prep

    While this sounds strange it will for sure give you the upper hand above your competitors to know simple things like the companies goals, ethics and purpose. Plus it’ll make you look really interested!

    3. Do some simple prep!  research.gif

    If you’re new to job hunting, the best way is to look for typical questions interviewers ask, this will let you prepare in advance.

    4. Dress well


Dressing smart gives off the impression that you’re professional and taking the idea of the job seriously already.

5. Don’t be too relaxed!

5. to relaxed

While some can be to nervous, some can be over confident. This can leave     the impression that you’re cocky, that you deserve the job more than others and that you wont work particularly hard.

6. Smile


It’s simple but it just makes you look happy, which shows the interviewer that you want to be there as well as the fact it is polite. Whose going to hire some one with a miserable face?

7. Speak expressively

7. express

This concept allows you to sound more intelligent as well as engaging the interviewer, remember they’ve done this interview over and over again, speak with expression to stand out, even crack a joke!

8. Know the right questions to ask

8 question

This shows that you’ve looked into the job and you know the requirements, if you’re asking questions that relate to a topic you know the company specialises in you’re bound to look like you know what you’re doing and you want to learn more. Don’t fall into the trap of not asking.

9. And finally… Be you!

1. crushed it

While some suggest this could cause you to look to relaxed, it shows the interviewer exactly who they are employing. You don’t want to pretend to be someone you’re not for the remainder of the employment.