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Archbishop’s Ramadan greetings spark controversy

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is receiving a mixture of praise and backlash after wishing followers of Islam a happy Ramadan.

Both followers of Islam and those from different backgrounds and religions have praised the inclusivity shown by the leader of the Church of England.

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However, many practising Christians have criticised the move as anti-Christian, and claim that Welby is doing more to promote Islam than Christianity with right leaning news outlet GB News heavily criticising the Archbishop.

visitor to the Cathedral


On the Archbishop’s X post wishing Muslims a happy Ramadan the comments are filled with people saying he should be promoting Christ at all times and preaching to guide people towards Christianity rather than being inclusive to other religions.

Welby has held his title for 11 years now and people on X claiming to be Christian are growing increasingly frustrated with him with some even calling for him to lose his title and replace him with someone with “traditional British values” who will stand up for the Christian community.


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