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‘Be vigilant’of cold callers warn Thanet Police

By Sonny Snelling

Police in Thanet are reminding residents to be cautious of cold callers who try to sell services on their doorstep.

The advice follows two reports made this week in Broadstairs and Birchington.

It has been reported that at around 2.30pm on Wednesday 25 January, a man knocked on the door of a resident in the Kingsgate area of Broadstairs claiming he could see a fault on the roof and offering to repair it.
Earlier on the same day, at about 11.40am, two men called at a house in Harold Road in Birchington and offered to carry out repairs on the property.

Police are advising people to be wary of such approaches.

Sergeant James Ross from Thanet Community Safety Unit said: ‘We are aware of concerns regarding rogue traders in the area and we would urge residents to be vigilant.

‘Take advice from family, friends or reputable tradesmen to check if the work really needs doing and only use reputable workmen recommended by family and friends or those who have worked satisfactorily for you before.

‘If someone calls on you, without being asked, claiming you need work done to your property – report the matter to 101.’