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Cafe in Canterbury says 70% of male customers order a Full English – but does this make men more attractive?

Does your breakfast choice determine your beauty? 

Scientists found that eating a meaty rich breakfast can change the way someone appears to the opposite sex, while eating carb heavy pastries and muffins can be seen as an ugly characteristic.  

Recent research by the University of Montpellier in France, showed that the more attractive a man was ranked the more likely he would have a full english breakfast in day to day life. 

The Longport Cafe in Canterbury said that 70% of their male customers are partial to a fry up in the morning, especially those who are younger and attractive. 

Whereas 60% of the women that eat at the cafe enjoy a lighter meal of a panini or sandwich rather than a full English.  

Lead author of the study Claire Berticat told the Daily Mail: “Our findings serve as a compelling reminder of the far-reaching impact of dietary choices not only on health, but also on traits with social importance such as facial attractiveness.”

“Afternoon snacking fulfils a real food need for many. It leads to a drop in plasma glucose and insulin levels and motivating eating. 

“Men consuming high glycemic snacks during this time may appear more attractive to the immediate flucose boost.”

It’s bad news for women however as the study showed that high glycemic snacks in the afternoon affect the ageing of the skin linked to hyperglycemia, affecting the way that women look.  

Studies in the past have linked high consumption of these foods to the ever-growing obesity crisis and cardiovascular disease.  

So what will you be having for breakfast tomorrow morning?