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Canterbubble: the craze sweeping the city

The fad of bubble tea stores continues to grow in Canterbury city centre with yet another set to open in the coming weeks replacing the old paperchase store with T4.

This will see it be the third bubble tea store within a two-minute walk of each other and the sixth of its kind open in historic Canterbury.

With high street shops shutting frequently the bubble tea stores appear to be a stable business providing jobs to locals and services to the people who want them.

However, a lot of locals feel it’s a soulless franchise and robs Canterbury of what makes it so special.

The Canterbury Residents Group is in uproar about yet another opening up with one resident saying: “All Canterbury is going to be soon is fast food, bubble tea shops, vape shops and Primark!!! Really gone down hill” which would receive 12 up-votes from like minded people.

The concern from the public stems from the increase of chain businesses rather than independently owned ones.

This has left locals feeling like their home is being taken away from them by big businesses.

Canterbury is not the only place in Kent where the craze has caught on. From Gillingham to Gravesend the industry is booming with 11 new stores opening in 2021.

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As for paperchase it has been bought out by Tesco and its products are being sold in their stationery and gift aisles which is better than being out of business completely but a far cry from their staple spot they held on the high street.