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Petition to name new Christ Church University building after late professor

Following the death of the late Goran Stefanovski, a petition has been started to name the new Christchurch University building in tribute to him.

Stefanovski was a contemporary playwright and scriptwriter from Macedonia.

He achieved his title and position in the world of theatre while in his homeland before moving to the UK in the mid-nineties.

He was highly regarded for his reputation for uncompromising treatment of the themes of identity, cultural history and politics.

After re-locating to the UK he began to combine his writing in lecturing at Canterbury’s very own Christchurch University where he became very popular with his students and peers alike.

He unfortunately passed away on 27th November 2018.

After just two weeks after his passing a petition was started in order to get his name on the newest building on campus.

After the roaring success of the petition in such a short period, the petition’s goal was changed from 2000 to 5000 and has almost 3000 signatures.

However despite the success of the petition the university has issued a statement in which they said “The university is aware of the petition to name the new creative arts building- The university has a formal process for proposing building names- the name chosen has not yet been publicly announced but we expect that this will happen in the New Year.”

“We will look to honour Goran’s memories in a fitting manner and we will be in touch with students, stall and alumni, and of course with Goran’s family, about this in due course.”

You can access the petition here