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Club Chemistry manager explains how he picks celebrities

By Lily Houston

Ahead of Adam Thomas’s appearance at Club Chemistry tonight, we asked Promotions Manager Matthew Jones-Roberts about his job and how he picks the celebs he wants to come to Chem.

We asked why he thinks the nights are more popular when there’s a TV star there, even when that star is famous for their pout or crazy nights out.

Matthew said: “People want to come and meet the people who they see on TV and find out what they are really like.

“Our nights with Celebrities offer the perfect opportunity to have a great night out and meet TV stars from shows such as Geordie Shore, Ex on the Beach, I’m a celebrity and Made in Chelsea.”

How does he pick who he thinks will be a hit at Chem? memes. yep. memes.

Image result for really meme
This Barack Obama meme took the internet by storm

He said: “If there are meme’s, videos and chat about someone, then expect them to be on our radar!”

Scotty T from Geordie Shore at Club Chemistry’s Friday Night Project

Being a promotions manager must be hard job, having all those contacts in your phone for almost any celeb you could think of… maybe not Kim K.

I can’t see her shuffling on the third floor anytime soon, but Matthew wasn’t giving much away about the future stars coming to Chem, so you never know!

“We currently have a great reputation with both celebrities and agents. The Geordie Shore and Made in Chelsea guys plan for a night out bringing friends down with them and normally being the last out the door at the end of the night!”

Gaz from Geordie Shore and a fan

However, sometimes a celebs busy schedule can get in the way making event planning difficult.

He said: “The only issue we have like this is when filming commitments change, however most of the time a replacement is negotiated.

“An example is when we booked Kyle from Geordie Shore but the whole cast were flown out to another country to film. Instead we got Callum Best who proved even more popular on the night.”

Even Jamie Vardy is getting on the Chemistry Wednesday hype!

They’ve already got Adam Thomas booked and now they’re getting hyped for future events. On the 17th of February they have FATMAN SCOOP, performing at Club Chemistry. Tickets are selling fast and social media has gone mad with hundreds of thousands of people engaging with their social media posts. So if you want to get in on this event, we suggest you bag your queue jump tickets soon!