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Data reveals which areas of Canterbury had the most burglaries in 2023

The Canterbury neighbourhoods with the most burglaries over the past year have been revealed.

From February 2023 to January 2024, Barton is the leading area with 61 different burglaries, followed by Westgate with 57 and St. Stephens at 51.

These results are from data provided by Kent Police, who record various types of crimes over 21 different areas.

West Bay has the fewest with only two recorded burglaries, followed by Reculver with three and Nailbourne with four.

It is worth noting that the sizes and populations of these neighbourhoods vary. Barton is a much larger area and has more residents than West Bay, for example, so the difference in the number of burglaries is perhaps not unusual.

With this in mind and to help contextualise the data, the chart below displays the percentage of varying crime types that burglaries occupy in each area. Other common crimes include violent and sexual offences, antisocial behaviour and criminal damage.

Comparatively speaking, burglaries are most common in the Tankerton area, taking up 13.8% of all crime types.

More Canterbury crime data can be found on the Kent Police website.