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Election results for Welwyn and Hatfield

It was a good night for the Liberal Democrats as they managed to expand their representation from two to five, which is their largest ever in the borough. Labour also gained another seat.

The Conservatives representation remained the same as they kept the majority and retained control of the Welwyn Hatfield council.

A turn out of just 35 per cent produced the final make-up, which was 28 Conservative councilors, 15 Labour and five Liberal Democrat. See below for a full list of councilors and areas.

Brookmans Park and Little Heath:

Jonathan Stephen Findlay BOULTON – Conservative

Stephen John BOULTON – Conservative

John William DEAN – Conservative


Barbara Ann FITZSIMON – Conservative

Mike LARKINS – Labour

Malcolm Robert SPINKS – Conservative


Rachel Lesley BASCH – Liberal Democrats

Helen Elizabeth BROMLEY – Conservative

Fiona THOMSON – Conservative

Hatfield Central:

Maureen COOK – Labour

Glyn Charles HAYES – Labour

Pankit SHAH – Labour

Hatfield East:

Lenny BRANDON – Labour

Caroline Ruth GILLETT – Conservative

Kerstin Birgit Holman – Conservative

Hatfield South West:

James Robert Alan BROACH – Labour

John Christopher FITZPATRICK – Labour

Kieran Michael THORPE – Labour

Hatfield Villages:

Duncan James BELL – Conservative

Howard MORGAN – Conservative

Lynne Michele SPARKS – Conservative


Margaret BIRLESON – Labour

Lynn Anne CHESTERMAN – Labour

Nick PACE – Conservative


Alan CHESTERMAN – Labour

Max Peter HOLLOWAY – Labour

Pauline Jill WESTON – Labour

Northaw and Cuffley:

Irene Hilda DEAN – Conservative

George MICHAELIDES – Conservative

Bernard John SARSON – Conservative


Darren Malcolm BENNETT – Conservative

Sara Louise Clare JOHNSTON – Conservative

Martyn John LEVITT – Conservative


Helen BECKETT – Labour

Malcolm COWAN – Liberal Democrats

Steve ROBERTS – Labour


Jon BECKERMAN – Conservative

Harry BOWER – Conservative

Pat MABBOTT – Conservative

Welham Green and Hatfield South:

Tom BAILEY – Liberal Democrats

Helen QUENET – Liberal Democrats

Paul Mark ZUKOWSKYJ – Liberal Democrats

Welwyn East:

Julie Ann CRAGG – Conservative

Steven MARKIEWICZ – Conservative

Roger TRIGG – Conservative

Welwyn West:

Tony KINGSBURY – Conservative

Mandy PERKINS – Conservative

Nick TAYLOR – Conservative