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Explained: Why do we see so many roadworks in Kent every April ?

As the usual obstacle course appears on Kent highways, many drivers are wondering why this month always sees so many roadworks.

Here is a roundup of answers from Kent County Council and the Department of Transport.

Why is April the month of roadworks?

The choice to carry out road maintenance this month is far from random.

With the financial year ending in April, Kent County Council are able to spend left over funds from last year as well as begin new projects with a freshly allocated budget.

This spring month also offers the perfect weather for construction workers to complete road projects as they avoid ice and harsh winds which can make for dangerous working environments.

With thousands of tourists expected to arrive in the Southeast this summer, getting the roads in perfect shape to accommodate visitors is a priority for Kent County Council. Carrying out work in the quieter month of April means tourists are more likely to have a disruption free drive along the coastline.

The A299 Thanet Way in Whitstable has been a hotspot for roadworks this April  – photo credit : Lucy Jones

Why do our roads need so much maintaining ?

A high proportion of Kent’s roads are in poor condition with the number of potholes and not so temporary traffic lights increasing each day.

These problems are credited to the UK’s typically cold climate. Heavy rain pours  on our roads and settles in cracks within the tarmac and when the temperatures drop, the water freezes. This action expands and cracks the road surfaces, turning once smooth stretches of roads into routes full of rubble.

The more the  condition of our roads worsens the more work they need at once which is why motorists may see several areas of construction along the same route.

Where can I access information about roadworks in my area?

Before taking to the road, Kent County Council encourage drivers to check out their live map of current and expected road closures and projects  to plan around  potential disruption.

Information regarding roadworks in your area can be accessed here at Road projects – Kent County Council

How do I  report a problem with my roads?

The online form where people can report problems with the roads photo credits: Lucy Jones

If you notice a problem on the roads relating to issues including drainage, faulty street lights  or dangerous road surfaces, Kent County Council urges people to make a report on their online forum.

If it is an emergency on the roadside where problems can endanger road users, Kent County Council also has a helpline that can be dialled hands free on 03000 41 71 71.


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Featured image credit: Lucy Jones