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The final ‘Great Broadstairs Bake Off’

The evening of Tuesday 28th November saw the end of year ‘Great Broadstairs Bake Off’ final bake.

Organisers Gina Harrison and Karen Evans hosted the event in Bessie’s Tea Parlour for all the members to contribute to the theme of ‘breakfast bakes’.

Come and join us for our last bake club of the year.
It’s breakfast time in Broadstairs – what are you baking?


19:30 The bakers start to arrive, along with their ‘breakfast bakes’.

The last Great Broadstairs Bake Off of the year @BroadstairsBake ???


The bakers each take turns in explaining what they have made, how they made it and whether it went well or not.




The bakers have now all has presented their ‘breakfast bakes’. A range of pastries, granola bars and egg and bacon muffins have been made.



Gina announces it’s time to taste the goodies.



The bakers each try one another’s creation, and swap tips and recipes.




After a successful evening of socialising, eating and drinking tea for the final time of the year as members of the Great Broadstairs Bake Off; the bakers start to head home.